Cream & Gold

Wearing this duet always makes me feel extra elegant and lady like. Don’t even get me started on home decor, love.

I wish everything I touched turned to cream and gold….

1. Half Dipped Gold Feather necklace Merit Weinstock at NeedSupply $265

2. gold toed flats Asos

3. Gatsby Horn Ring Finn Jewelry $1100

4. dogwood earrings M. Flynn Accessories $88

5. triple rose cut diamond ring Jan Palmer $1988

6.  7. earrings Urban Outfitters $12

8. gold leaf Zig Zag Tray upintheairsomewhere

9. paper mache bowl etco $10

10. earrings Urban Outfitters$12

11. Travel candles (for gifts or decor) Catbird $12

12. arrow necklace Lulaka $28

I want to dip everything in gold….

Whats your favorite color combination…?

Jaclyn xo

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8 thoughts on “Cream & Gold

  1. Joanna Lea says:

    Ooooo…all of it looks so rich!!! I’ll have 2 of everything please. 🙂


  2. It's A Want says:

    love it all!! just found an amazing cream colored coat like the one you posted! can’t wait to bust it out!!

  3. Cream and gold is one of my favorite color combos as well. Funny that you included the Merit Weinstock necklace. I featured that same necklace in a blog a couple weeks ago. So beautiful! Great price too.

  4. Just Be. says:

    I love the living room. The golden glow is amazing. It reminds me of early morning light when the sun is just starting to chase away the night.

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