She’s got legs…

And she know’s how to use them – but does she know how to cover them up?

As fall slowly turns into winter, wearing skirts and dresses becomes a little bit harder. We now have to factor in the bitter cold, and how we can cover up our stems fashionably and look good while we’re at it. Tights are the perfect solution for this dilemma: they will keep you toasty, make you look stylish, and can totally add a little something to you look.

I work in an industry where skirts and dresses are pretty much my uniform, I can wear pants, it’s just not the same. So when fall and winter come around and I need to cover up my legs I turn to tights.

One of my closest friends Sara, who happens to be one of the most stylish, hip, well put-together ladies I know captained me on my path to tights. I always deemed tights as childish and opted for bare legs, which I know now is only for the warm bronze days of summer. She helped me identify the hip and fashionable elements of tights, and ever since it’s been a calamity. Yes that’s right, a disaster – I spend a whole lot of dolla dollla bills ya’ll on trompe l’oeil, textured, colored and piped hosiery!

There are now two seasons for me, tights and no tights…..

Okay this is an exception, bare legs are a must if your legs look like this – why would you cover them up?

 Bad news: bare-leg season is long over. Now the good news: tights just got interesting…

Jaclyn xo

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