The Bone Collector

I’m much more of a Gossip Girl than Gothic Girl, but even I have a weakness for skulls. Maybe its the time of year? Maybe its designer influenced?

Remember when Alexander McQueen constructed that fabulous accessory line influenced by the bony structures. It was all the rage in Hollywood, to date people are still wanting to get their hands on his bones. In addition to cuffs, scarfs, clutches and rings, I also enjoy a little skull accents around the home. I’m noticing stylists from my beloved online decor magazines mixing brass skeleton heads and contemporary pieces together, it just adds a little bad as* sumpin sumpin to a book shelf or home office space.

The fascination I have with skulls is glittery bling bling. You’ll see why I’m totally crushing on these ornamental skulls.

Love the regency of the skull….

 I want to use these DL&Company candles for book ends…

and throw this on a table in a room…..

that looks like this.

I would wear it on my wrists, as seen on the lovely Ms Janette Ewen  here….

and wear this high-priced skull cocktail ring for devils night drinks…

and possibly clutch on to this….

Skulls have a time and a place… I’m going to order a artisan candle from DL&Company and give it a home right beside my ELLEments of style book!

Jaclyn xo

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