The Contingency Plan: Work vs Play

This weekend I was successful in drinking wine, cleaning my closet and organizing  the sh*t out of my car. Being on the road for work and travelling has destined me to have a vehicle filled to the brim with lovely bits from my wardrobe. My girlfriends make fun of me for stocking an abundant amount of crap in my SUV – I haul extra sweaters, blouses, shirts, heels, curling iron, straightener and clutches into my gym bag  in case I want to pop in anywhere for post-work social time, aka Happy Hour. On most occasions I can transform my look from office to play easily, adding an accessory, switching a blazer for a cropped leather jacket or if I’m feeling totally enthusiastic I’ll pack a sequins tank to throw under my blazer . A girl needs options and I always like to have a contingency plan!

My work vs play

One thing I am sure of, if ever on the eleventh hour was I invited to some glorious event, a gala or The Oscars my car would possess all the parcels I’d need to pull my outfit together!

ps I know my girlfriends secretly love the fact that at any point they can open my car door and have a snappy outfit modification!

Jaclyn xo

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5 thoughts on “The Contingency Plan: Work vs Play

  1. drew says:

    I I always steel from my bf’s backseat, her car is a big suitcase:)

  2. Karen says:

    Can u imagine if you drove a mini??

    • For reals, right! it would be so much easier for your car interventions with me.

      Do you remember that outfit change for Allisons bachelorette, you went from daytime prep girl to night time hipster – you found heels, a beret and shirt of some kind, you rocked a look from my trunk!

      I love u

  3. Melody S says:

    That picture says so much! It’s fab

    What are your thoughts on bare legs in the workplace?

    • I’m more a bare legs are for the summer kinda girl. I think nylons and tights are musts for the workplace (unless of course its summer). If you dislike the look of tights nylons are an option. So many option for hosiery these days, nude with black piping up the back, plain nude which replicates skin tone, and so many other options – bare legs look undone. That is only my opinion sunshine!

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