Peep Show

There’s just something so subtly sexy about showing a little shoulder and the line of a woman’s collarbone.

Whether you reveal la shoulder with intention, by means of a wide neckline or your shirt looses balance, and slips off your shoulder accidentally, showing a little shoulder skin can be quite feminine and sexy.

Recently I’ve bought a few knits in extra-large to capture the effect of a billowy modern-day-flashdance sweater. I pair it with skinny jeans, casual boots and confidence for a look that is easy, loose and comfortably sexy.

Shoulders need lovin too…..

Hey, it’s okay to bare a little skin sometimes…

Half way there.. Happy Wednesday!

Jaclyn xo

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4 thoughts on “Peep Show

  1. J says:

    Yes. Love the images makes me want to shout “what a feeling” and pull my sweater off my shoulder?


  2. Janette says:

    Cozy oversized sweater, just the look for this Toronto weather.


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