Short Story

The unexpected high temps today called for an emergency costume change since I was wearing pants and a chunky sweater. The weather has me saying huh? in front of my closet almost every morning, I’m torn between scarves on top of blazers or on top of sweaters on top of knit tee’s? Getting ready has been exhausting, agreed?

This is where shorts come in. I bought a pair of tweed trouser shorts last week at H&M. When making the purchase I actually had a moment of good judgment, I stopped the shop girl from swiping my Visa as this thought was materializing in my head ‘why the hell are you getting these Jaclyn, you are never going to wear shorts in the fall, you hardly wear them in the summer?’. Despite the sane pep talk with myself I told the sweet girl to continue and ended up with a pair of preppy rust shorts.

Long story short I slipped them on today with a light tee knit, tights and booties. It was the perfect fall transition look I’ve been going for….

A Fall Short Story:

Amazing use of shorts and sweater…


Masters in layering…don’t ya think?

Love it.

The End.

Jaclyn xo

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7 thoughts on “Short Story

  1. janette says:

    Cute sister! you did it again. Made me dust off the old tweed shorts for tomorrow!


  2. quincey says:

    I love image numero 1, I think that is such a great look. If you have the legs for it. In which case Ms Jaclyn, you do!

  3. Paula says:

    Forever 21 has a few great trouser shorts too. Preference is H&M but they never have my size (sad face)
    Thanks for more inspiration!

  4. emily says:

    I heart trouser shorts in the fall.

    Emily S

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