Go ‘F’ yourself….Faking it 101

(I’m going to get spammed because of that title aren’t I)

I never in a million bazillion years thought I would be tempted to buy faux fur for my wardrobe. Not even after watching 3 seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project, and no one wears/styles fur better than her. However, never say never right? On account of these images my perception of fur has shifted….I die!

I want to be decked out in fur…

I want to cover my head in it, cloak it over my back, wrap it around my collar-bone and trim my favorite Rudsak jacket with it. Faux Fur.

How to wear the faux fur trend:

Minimal – Delicate pieces with light details; trimming or fur collars make for simple features that still make a statement.

Vest Style – Try pairing your vest with tighter, close-fitting shirts to balance its volume. As well loose, peasant-style tops can create a chill, bohemian look.

Accessorize – If you’re hesitant about leaping right into a fur vest or jacket try a dash of detail;  boots, hats, earmuffs, bolero … anything goes.

Faux Fur dont’s:

Overdue it – Covering yourself with head to fur just ain’t cool! Try to only invest in one piece and use it wisely. Disclaimer: my comment under the images was an exaggeration, don’t wear everything at the same time!

Nasty Patterns – Some patterns just aren’t for fur, In my opinion, leopard prints, zebra, or any shapes.

Shoddy Synthetic – Horrible texture and nappy looking furs are a NO, NO..pay attention to this!

Go ‘fur’ yourselves ladies…

Jaclyn xo

(images courtesy of Pinterest)

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7 thoughts on “Go ‘F’ yourself….Faking it 101

  1. Alanna says:

    Bananas for the faux fur. Yes, of course needs to be subtle and tasteful, otherwise faux fur gone wrong!


  2. Dee says:

    You are totally getting spammed for that title! It caught my attention, isn’t that the point? I’ve always had at least one fur piece in my wardrobe for those I want to feel like Kate Hudson from Almost Famous nights.


  3. Quincy says:

    I adore the title, very creative! I don’t think I can do the whole fur trend, but those images do make it look fantastic!

  4. Kelly says:

    H&M has some great faux right now – I even saw a few pieces at Zara:) Me likes


    • Check out The Bay, A) I am crushing on everything about what Bonnie Brooks has done with that place, sweaters, shoes, everything is delish and B) The Vero Moda line as well as Rachel Roy have a few brilliant furry things!

      Thanks for the go to tips, the readers will love it!
      Jaclyn xo

  5. Sara says:

    totally agree…faux fur is the only way to go!! Great ideas Jac 🙂

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