The Power of Three

I have two fabulous sisters, and there is one thing I can count on when hanging out with them, laughter. And not just giggles here and there, but the kind of laughter that leaves tears in your eyes and sore abs. This weekend I got to hang out with my lovely sister Meme La Rue , it was nothing short of the usual pursuit of fun, shopping, sipping wine, ‘getting ready’, then hitting the town.

It’s always a ball getting ready to go out together. Normally it begins putting our hair in rollers alongside some cocktails. The bevies lead us to mini runway shows, where we strut our stuff down the hallway to the bumpin beats of Gaga or Rihanna, our usual anthems. And for the final touches we share the mirror and load up our lashes with Dior Show . It’s overly girly and I love it!

Our fashion has evolved over the years, naturally, and we each have our own personal style. The three of us have long-established a certain mode that defines who we are, fashionably speaking. I’m the overdressed one that wears heels any opportunity I get, My sisters think my style at times resembles that of a Golden Girl, whatever, I love gaudy accessories and oversized blouses. Michelle (aka meme la rue) is the modern boho who posses this I- just- came- from-breakfast- in- Bali look, with her long wavy blonde hair and an arm full of candy she knows how to mix high and low. And last is Chantelle  she’s the youngest one, her surfer meets prep girl west coast style suggests she just walked off a Billabong photo shoot, she even makes the Cali girls jelly. Although we all have different wardrobes we all share one thing, impeccable style, sometimes we even share clothes?

Here are some sisters I’d like to share a closet with….

I don’t know how people go through life without sisters..

Happy Monday..

Jaclyn xo

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One thought on “The Power of Three

  1. Tracy @style buzz says:

    Sisters truly make the world go round. I love how I could actually gauge you and your sisters ‘getting ready’ ! Sounds fun,


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