A Touch of Frost

I love a good collaboration, such as MJ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Say, Say, Say”,  Lanvin for H&M, Alice and Olivia for MAC, Another McCartney Stella for Target and my most recent popular LuLu Frost for J Crew.

The caption for these candy colored beauties read, “Colorful Art Deco bracelets for a modern-day Daisy Buchanan“. I could absolutely see the lead heroine of Fitzgeralds’ The Great Gatsby, donning a pair of these. I dying for the black one on the base and the green one second from the top, although two just wouldn’t be adequate…

Stack em up!



The perfect collar

I want these suspended from my lobes…

I’m fellin this with a plain white tee..

As if J Crew doesn’t do enough right…now for a second time we get to take advantage of Miss Lulu Frost at tolerable prices. Ranging in price from $45 to $135 it’s a shame if you don’t add one of these bright-colored beauties to your accessory collection!

Check out the collection for yourself here….

Jaclyn xo

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