Dee – Lish

On Friday night I had the chance to watch my beautiful and Lovely friend Miss Danielle Boujeaurd rock the stage at a local pub. And let me tell you it was extraordinary! She’s the kinda girl who opens her mouth and you’d think you had just been called to heaven from an angle…her talent is unreal. Goosebumps.

The soon to be new princess of country music, Danielle, weaves her rocking roots with picture-perfect country, sung with a crystalline voice that rings out crisply over infectious lyrics. Her strumming and sharp lyrics remain at the heart of tracks that echo to anyone who loves music..

Danielles charming style and distinctive vocals have already won her the recognition across Canada…She’s true Canadian talent and I love watching her rise to the top!

She makes me want to grab the Patron….

And she’s super cute…


Check her out here and please vote on the link to support the lovely Danielle and her rise to fame…

Click here to check out Danielles webpage and see what she’s been up to…

Go do yourself some good, listen to her voice and get goosebumps!

Jaclyn xo

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