Bed Head

Today I felt like rockin’ le chapeau. It was simply one of those mornings. Might have been the 5 pm after work champagne that advanced to a few Siegle Radlers at the Bier Market, follewed by martinis at Brassi that took us to the middle of the dance floor? Who knows. I just wasn’t feelin’ like fussing over my hair this am.

I give thanks to my considerable collections of hats I have in my closet, otherwise my messy I-just-woke-up-Adele- hair could have blown my cover. Instead of rushing out the door looking out of sorts and hung over, I threw on my fav cloche moda from Big it Up and posed as a cute little french woman strutting my stuff . Thank god for great hats!

When dry shampoo and top knots just aren’t behaving, put a lid on it! Hats are an excellent band aid for bed head and saving time if you’re bustling it out the door, it’s purely a bonus that they look ultra stylish.

Merci cherie.

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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