Bags to Riches

Guess what I did this weekend? Besides drink wine. Totally nothing. And I welcomed nothing with big roomy open arms. Staying home, reading, organizing and sipping wine can be much more effective than, gulping wine, feeling nauseous, spending too much money and spoiling my workouts with pointless calories.

Fact is, this weekend was more of a test for me. I  love like to spend money. Saving it requires a lot of effort and I didn’t pay much attention in economy class. This has been one of the biggest obstacles I face, my spending. Temptation is everywhere.  That saying, ‘save your penny for a rainy day’, I don’t get it – after a few hours I’m out spending all my money on that rainy day.

Lately I am embarking on a new rational. I’m exercising being more frugal. My attempt to keep my money and judgment in check this weekend surprisingly harmonized. Maybe it’s because I commissioned myself to house arrest? Whatever. I didn’t go out for any lavish dinners, I stayed clear from malls, Anthropolgie and Joe Fresh. I spent my time on Learnvest, reading and researching about investing, building wealth and planning for my future.

 I had a minor defeat Sunday when a trip to Starbucks forced me to purchase a $6 latte, and a peak inside Homesense landed me a new 133 dollar chair? To my defense the chair was a ridiculous deal, $399 on clearance for $133, you can’t dodge a deal like that! …Ultimately, I did good.

I’m keeping my frugal promise to myself and I’m going to enjoy more things with less things?  More simply, I’ll take an extra ten seconds to consider each purchase, the items that disappear quickly are those impulse items that will clutter up my home and stealthily eat away at my budget. I’m living my richest life!

 I’m going from too many handbags to riches in no time…..

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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