Who wears the pants?

Who really does wear the pants? Home decor, dinner ideas, where to vacation, where to shop? That would be us ladies. Even when it comes to fashion, do you dress your man? In most cases the answer is yes, in some cases it’s no.  Cause bottom line is, your man either has it, or he doesn’t.

For men clothing choices are more limited than ours, they have it a bit easier.  This isn’t the green light for him to throw on any old thing and look good. It requires thought (which is difficult for some men), and in the end this not only leaves us responsible for making ourselves look gorgeous, we’re also accountable for how our man looks, after all he is a reflection of you.

 Look,  I can pontificate on the genius of  slim fitting jeans and bright pink shirts all day, but I know that some men won’t even consider it!. To a degree we need to be respectful of their limits and dress them accordingly. Take yourself back to childhood, remember how you’d  feel when your Mom/Dad dressed you in some silly whack outfit you felt incredibly uncomfortable in? Not nice. These looks below are very middle of the ball park , not intended for the super fashion forward or the super hipster, but a way to give your man some swag! Be nice.






Item staples for all mens wardrobe:

  1.  Denim jeans – A few pairs. Crisp, stylish and polished
  2. Classic casual tees – Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, Quicksilver 
  3. Really nice shoes – The shoes say it all.
  4. Three piece suit & Light summer suit (weddings, events)
  5. Military Jacket – They just look great on men.
  6. Oversized masculine watch – I personally don’t like men in jewelry,but watches are hot. They can also tell a lot about a mans fundamental style.
  7. One Magnificent tie – A tie is a fashion essential because it complements the suit.
  8. Button downs – Plaids, solids, stripes. Note: We want them to look sexy not school bus driver.
  9. Vests – they can be layered, dressed up and dressed down
  10. You – The best kind of arm accessory is his lady!

Hey – It’s okay to be the alpha  partner in your relationship…wear the pants, someone has too!

Jaclyn xo







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3 thoughts on “Who wears the pants?

  1. bree says:

    love this. And I am for sure the alpha partner (it’s my wicked nature)

  2. malory says:

    Too much work. I leave it up to my guy to shop for himself – if he looks like slop, too bad. I need all the energy I can put into myself I can get!


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