Feeling ‘Nauty’

I have a thing for clothing that suggests I’m about to step foot upon a sail boat and set off into the sea.  This abyssal charm dates back to the icons such as Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, where cigs and stripes were captured looking super sexy together, to now modern-day Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren editorials that have us pinning to mix nautical patterns with fitted blazers and chill out looking all preppy and cape cod.

Today I decided to be a little ‘nauty’..nautical that is.  I decked myself in bold navy stripes accompanied by gold jewelry and I felt happy as hell about it!  There is something very timeless and je ne sais quoi about nautical clothing.  Fact is, when done right nautical is a terrific look for anyone to pull off.  The key is to not go overboard (ha – I’m brilliant), too much of anything is never good.  

The number of nautical pieces in my wardrobe for summer? Five. And counting. I spied a green and white striped bikini the other day that I may have to add to the collection.

Come sail away….

Tips for your nautical look

  1. Pick one piece and work your outfit from there
  2. Choose colors like red-orange, blue and white – notably nautical
  3. Try belting a bold stripped dress, maxi or oversized shirt
  4. Leave hair and make up ultra casual looking too done will look more flight attendant than cape cod!
  5. Avoid embroidered anchors like the plague, tasteful not tacky
  6. Try a fitted stripped tee and wide leg trousers, if you’re really daring white pants
  7. Toms, Sperrys, loafers…

Do ‘nauty’ this week, you’ll feel happy and look fabulous…

Ahoy mates!

Jaclyn xo


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2 thoughts on “Feeling ‘Nauty’

  1. camella Elle ca says:

    I will never get tired of nautical. Greats images, makes me want to go back to Monaco!

  2. loonie W says:

    Saw your post on popped pressed been engaged with your blog ever since, always such a fresh and curent vibe! Keep them coming girl! Do you know anyone at shoes of prey? L

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