Who wears short shorts

Shorts are tricky. They can either look super fashionable and classy or extremely trash and fromage.   Take yourself here –  the back page of Glamour – the do’s and dont’s portion is a great way to appreciate what I’m talking about.

This summer I have uncovered a new taste for shorts, with all the classic cuts and feminine styles I realized shorts are not only for lakeside lounging, sports, and pj bottoms.  In actual fact when worn properly shorts look very stylish and fresh.  These styles not only look effortlessly fab on celebs and fashion bloggers, but as well us real life just trying to make it kinda girls!

My “short” ban has officially lifted…

Stunning use of sequins

You smile, I smile..


Hypocritically correct  – Okay so this totally is a don’t but this look makes it a do?

Good use of shorts…

Oh no she di’int..Don’t do this, ever.

It’s going to be the perfect weekend to get hot and sweaty, go master an outfit with a great pair of shorts. TGIF.

Jaclyn xo

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One thought on “Who wears short shorts

  1. Steve says:

    Great post… I think it’s about time you featured a dude on My Tailored Life! Even though it’s just a pic…tell us what to wear?

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