Skinny Dipping

The weather is a scorching 33 degrees here, the sun is so intense it may burn a hole through my J Crew Rowboat dress…I’m trying to stay focused on work, however my mind keeps escaping me with thoughts of what I will be doing once my work day is finished. I absolutely believe the heat is making me hallucinate?

All I can plot  is shedding my work clothes and skinny dipping in the daylight. This is unheard of around here. Unless you’re in Europe or live on a private lake daylight skinny dipping is bold behaviour. Regardless I don’t give a sh*t. I going to be audacious!

On days like today I hate clothing…. my dress is suffocating me.

WARNING: Friends and family –  if you hear someone splashing around in your pool early evening don’t be alarmed, it’s only moi!

Happy Monday..

Jaclyn xo

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2 thoughts on “Skinny Dipping

  1. Seyward says:

    Come splash in my pool. Wear something though: rabid 70-year old man on the premises. xo

  2. thats amazing…I’ll come to your pool anytime – as long as you and Jaybird whip up some of those notable mojitos xo

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