Random Acts of Fanciness

Sometimes life just calls for a little random fanciness. Sequins during the day,  sparkly Toms, Coral lips with a bare face, decadent french toast on a work day, Mimosas in bed and pearls worn with casual jeans are just a few ways we can whisper fanciness. This week I’m going to be  spontaneously glamorous in an unintentional way to make myself smile as much as I can.  I’m hitting up a Yankees vs Jays game with my birds Friday and of course, I’m already planning my outfit…can’t wait to look glamorous in my vintage baseball tee and sip oversized draft with the girls. Classy!
Here are some of my favorite Random Acts of Fanciness:
  1. Dressing like Betty Draper while I make a casual dinner at home.
  2. Pairing a boyfriend tee and jeans with fabulous heels. Maybe sparkly ones?
  3. Heading to a local resto with my girls and dressing up like we’re celebrating something major.
  4. Serving french pastries and espresso in bed on my grandparents silver 25th anniversary platter.
  5. Wearing heels and my lounge attire while I clean the kitchen and vacuum, a) It’s a great leg workout b) It makes the act of cleaning more lavish.

What are your random acts of fanciness?

Jaclyn xo

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2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Fanciness

  1. Karen "shake that" Boddy says:

    I prefer my pearls with nakedness! Soooo glam porn! Need those shirts for the game! Xo

  2. Grace says:

    I like #3. My random act is combining a smoky eyes, shiny nude lips and a casual hat, my get up for beers at the local pub. 😉

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