Minka on my mind

How gorgeous does Minka Kelly look, well, everywhere.  The Friday Night Lights stunner gifts a sexy meets simple look that has me bunny earing fashion mags and aching to copy cat her style. 

She makes me want to undergo rhinoplasty, color my hair chestnut-brown and walk around my house in lingerie, I’m sure Mike wouldn’t mind?….

I’m fishtail braiding my hair today…. thank’s to my girl Minka.


Happy Hump day!

Jaclyn xo

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2 thoughts on “Minka on my mind

  1. Sara says:

    Jac this IS you!! love that boho look she is rockin with the long skirt. XO

  2. And here I thought a knotted shirt was only bearable at a charity baseball game, ya know when you get given an oversized tee that hangs past your knees and you have no choice but to tie it up??

    Her outfit is great, love that she has the gift to put sh*t together, kinda like us Miss S!


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