‘Packing Light’

This evening we are setting off for a weekend away, a large group of us are heading to a waterfront music festival Saturday afternoon than finishing the evening fire side at my sisters compound.  I plan to relax, get a little silly and end my weeklong bout of sobriety (In fact I think I just did writing this post). I like to detox pre and post mini vacations!

I’m not a campy, outdoor festival kinda gal (please refer to Glamping post)- however I love my friends and family and I understand sometimes you just gots to take one for the team (as they must when I army them to read my blog). I’m sure it will be a blast and a thorough abuse of malted barley.

I started packing early this week because I’m an extreme Type A. Obviously, I need to pare down the number of sandals I need, throw in a boho dress or two so I don’t look out-of-place, and add some other necessary accessories.

I daydreamed of a festival look that is simultaneously fresh and functional but a little hippy chick…here’s what inspired my packing:

Fantastic use of a scarf

Cute. cute. cute – with jean shorts?

I usually like to dance on tables – but after a bus ride, 9h in the sun and plenty of beer you may just  find me dancing on the ground?

I’m feelin this?

I love costume parties…for me Saturday will be just another day to wear something fun and non – workie (yup that’s a made up term)!

I’m off, I have to go downsize my weekend bag, apparently I’m not allowed to bring a suitcase? I still haven’t mastered ‘packing light’?

Happy Friday

Jaclyn xo

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One thought on “‘Packing Light’

  1. camella Elle ca says:

    Miss Jaclyn another brilliant sweet post! I heard about the grand prix 2012, way to go…

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