Alfresco style

It’s the weekend! Hang up your work week wardrobe and throw on something sheer and flowing.  The weather is going to be gorgeous so get outside and enjoy it!

I’m bringing the art of alfresco back – its economical, intimate and embraces the great outdoors.  I even found a vintage picnic basket quilted with red gingham interior.  It will be overflowing with fresh baguettes, ripe cheeses, stuffed olives, soprassata and a few bottles of vino.  I might even wrap some cantaloupe in prosciutto.  Yum.

Grad a sheet and take a seat…..

Wake me up on Sunday

This would be a perfect afternoon birthday venue

Lake side picnic? Yes please

This is what I am talking about…

Simple & Delicious

Sweet & Salty

I’m going to write my menu on my chalkboard and plan my picnic….

And to the rest of you – may you find your own indulgences this weekend!

Happy Friday

Jaclyn xo


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One thought on “Alfresco style

  1. Melody says:

    you have completely inspired me to take my brunch outside tomorrow. Great stuff


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