Let’s romp

You’d think with my line of work and lifestyle these days I’d have getting dressed in the am down to a science. Welllll… not so much. In fact, I’ve started resorting to safe pieces and recycled outfits (which isn’t a bad thing) I just  totally feel like I’m in a bit of a wardrobe slump.

 I’m desperately trying to seek some fun pieces for the warm weather instead of working around the basics (which again, isn’t a bad thing).  I’m in need of some major inspiration, I started hunting through some of my magazines and peeking in shop windows, and I think I found just what I’ve been looking for…. The Romper.

I’m going to cheat on my closet basics, and dabble in a little romper action….

I’d cheat on my basics for this..

Micheal Kors knows how to romp!

The cozy romp

The silky romp..

Some romper do’s and don’ts:


  •  Use minimal accessories. I enjoy long necklaces with a stone on the bottom, a cuff bracelet, or a headband.
  • Pair it with basics you already own, blazers, solid cardi’s and denim jackets.
  • Proper footwear, flats, strappy sandles and wedges or heels – depending on the romper and forecast you can really mix it up


  • Keep the length in check, rompers that are too short are trashy and not fashionable.
  • Don’t choose a romper that feels uncomfortable, you’ll look awkward always trying to adjust ie. if it strapless or too short
  • If you pair it with heels make sure the romper is sophisticated enough, you don’t want to look like you just starred in a rap video.

Dip into some romper love this summer. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect style for any affair.

Jaclyn xo


(photos courtesy of Pinterest)

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4 thoughts on “Let’s romp

  1. westwood says:

    I admit though, I do love my strapless denim romper.Footwear is a challenge, certainly. Rompers = awesome, but I hoe the trend srtays such that I wear it for longer than single summer!

    • I believe a solid romper, be it black, green or neutral will always find its way back to summer fashion. As long as you don’t look like your setting off to kindergarden or buy one that host a busy pattern you should be safe! Might not be a classic, but it will always be comfy…

      Here’s to hoping we get a few summer seasons out of this years trend!

      Jaclyn xo

  2. camella Elle ca says:

    Once again short sweet amazing post. My eye is on you Miss J

  3. Melody says:

    I’m spending my am reading your blog, it’s to cute… and I’m buying a roomy romper next time I”m at the mall:)

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