Shades of Glory: Ralph vs. Tory

This weekend I felt exhausted from a very long work week. Needless to say, I remained in sweats for almost the entire weekend. It felt fabulous. However, during a rainy day shopping trip with k-dog I came across some stunning Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren tortoise frames that made me smile, I’m still fantasizing over them..

As the sun remained unseen again this weekend I didn’t buy either, it seemed a needless thing to do – for now.  Conscious.  Practical.  So not me.  Consequently I was able to collect my thoughts and really think about my choice,  later this week I’ll go pick up my new shades.  If the sun decides to reveal itself again?

My sunny dilemma:




What’s your vote?

Three things can not be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth – Buddha

Truth is I’m going to be walking around with shades of glory this week, I will let you know which ones I choose..maybe even post a self port!

Happy Monday xo

Jaclyn xo

(photos courtesy of,, and Vogue)


6 thoughts on “Shades of Glory: Ralph vs. Tory

  1. Sara says:

    Ralph on the way Jac….meow!

  2. jonathan Fluv says:

    So here’s the deal, Torys look way more sleek and classic, they will stay ‘in’ for much longer then your little retro ralphs?? Something to think about!
    Cute post on glamping! At first I though it was gay camping, right up my ally!

    • Jonathan you’re too sweet. If I were to write about gay camping it would be gamping, maybe a coming post! Keep your eyes open.

      Saw your link and article re; La Murse, It was brilliant. Thanks for stopping by

      Jaclyn xo

  3. Alissia savvy girl says:

    I like your blog. It’s amazing how practical we are. I’m sure if it was sunny and warm you would have bought both pairs! Hows that for practical


  4. heartsandpearls says:

    I like the Torys. Straight lines, much nicer.

    Rebecca G (heartsandpearls)

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