Junk in the trunk…

If you anticipated travelling to a post loaded with buzz concerning Kim Kardashians a*s, too bad for you?  Yet lucky for me I got your attention!

I have tree trunk lust right now and I’m on the quest for some sexy stumps to accent our new completely renovated soon to be finished home.  I’ve explored West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Winners and Home Sense.  Unfortunately all I can come up with is trouble.  These places get me into trouble and compel me to reach deep, spending on stuff that isn’t necessary.

Mike and I have been behaving like Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner from The War of The Roses, only time and me spending more money on “house stuff” will have us hanging dangerously from an insecure chandelier….

I need a place to rest my wine….and feet.

The perfect “wine table”

Somethings wrong with this picture? Right the cute hens and chicks are in prime wine real estate..

While I wrote this post I came up with a brilliant idea, nothing new, I’m e mailing West Elm tomorrow, coffee tables are a way of the past, wine tables are our future…

I think I could actually DIY these stumps myself. I’ll keep you posted.

Jaclyn xo



3 thoughts on “Junk in the trunk…

  1. jan says:

    this is a total DIY project. I’d buy a wine table. Sounds much better then a coffee table!


  2. meme says:

    Great minds think alike. We must be sisters…. I have 3 beauty stumps waiting to be man lifted into my great room..1 for my feet, 1 for my glass of wine and another because the universal rule is to decorate in odd numbers. Forget retail Jack, come hither….its free!!!!!

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