My new uniform

Friday.  This means two things to me,  it’s officially heels off and cocktail time (at the end of my work day of course) and I get to dress “casual smart” for work.  Translation? I can wear anything denim on the bottom sprinkled with business casual on top.  My kind of outfit.

Last night I went shopping for a white boyfriend blazer.  I wanted to transition from a black to white blazer to update my wardrobe and help with those “I wish I had a little _____ to throw over my dress or jeans” days. 

I was on the hunt.  I had to score the perfect white blazer so the outfit impending in my brain could materialize for my “casual smart” Friday look, without looking too Miami Vice or Thriller. 

After hours of strolling around the mall and countless mini change-room fashion shows I decided to go with a classic from Banana Republic.  Perfect cut, super sophisticated and fits me well.

I’m making the blazer my official uniform, I’m going to make it my thing, you know.  Kind of like how Beyonce always rocks a body suit on stage.



And you thought uniforms were only for private school and officers.

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

(photos courtesy of Pinterest)


2 thoughts on “My new uniform

  1. camella says:

    Boyfriend blazer love. Check out July issue of ELLE doll – you’ll be very pleased

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