Must Have Mondays: Signature Cocktail

Every woman should have a signature cocktail, it’s as important as having your own perfume.

Barring any type of society that requires a dozen steps, every age appropriate girl should have a cocktail of choice.  Shaken, stirred, red, white, on le rocks, lager or cider –  knowing what you want spares you from seeming indecisive or fumbling when your asked what you’d like to drink.

Take the time to figure out what you like, not what others around you are longing for.  Your taste, you style of drink and how it is prepared has much to do with who you are and what you enjoy.  Personal style goes above what we wear…

My friends all know I’m a rouge drinker, I love my wine. They are also aware that I’m a wine snob, I only like good quality wine and I know what I want on every occasion.  BUT, but when summer rolls around my game changes.  I crave something more refreshing. 

My drink of choice for the warmer months?  White wine spritzer.  Tall narrow glass, filled with ice garnished with fresh citrus.  Here’s how its done:

  • Tall pilsner glass or white wine stem
  • Pinot grigio or Presecco
  • Lots of crushed ice
  • A splash of Fresca
  • Shot of soda
  • And sliced lemon or lime

Can you say posh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic Shandie, Margarita or Heineken but those are timeless and always available. Find your cocktail.

Let’s bring back 5 o’clock cocktail time!

Happy hour Monday everyone!

Jaclyn xo


2 thoughts on “Must Have Mondays: Signature Cocktail

  1. ooohhh yes must try this!!!
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    feedback is always nice 🙂

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