Tummy Butter

I recently ventured to Babies R’us with my bestie on a task to find the perfect baby prezzie for a friend of ours.  As you know I enjoy shopping, but I have a thing with gift registries. I don’t like them.  I dislike being told what to do on any occasion, therefore a sheet formulated with items I need to buy is boring and severely lacks creativity. 

While Chantelle (my bestie) investigated the isles like a mad woman on a scavenger hunt,  I sauntered over to the body care section and intermittently bellowed out a “can’t seem to find it over here”!  I was confident I could leave the assignment to Chantelle, she’s more focused then I.

On my journey I came across Palmers Tummy Butter, immediately the name caught my attention. It sounded delish, Tummy Butter?. I’ve seen this not so appealing packaging before but  never took the time to read what it was all about.  The Tummy Butter contained vitamin E, collagen and elastic all beneficial for stretch marks, or the prevention of.  Humm, I don’t host any stretch mark yet, but who knows what my future body holds.  Then there was the Bust firming lotion, it claimed the cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E would firm and tone the bust area. I wouldn’t expect a miracle from using it, but at the very least, it’ll keep my girls soft and smooth.  I fell for whatever they were selling.  I bought it all.

I know I’m somewhat a beauty junkie, and there is always a chance of a “miss”.  But this my friends is a hit! I f’ing love it.  Whether you’re a yummy mummy, mommy to be, future mommy or just plain vain – this stuff is magic.  It’s been a few weeks since I started using Palmers and let me tell you, its bliss.  Slopping it on every am and pm has become habit.  If I’m not Cocoa Buttered up I feel stale. 

Expensive beauty products don’t always do a better job,  Palmers has defined that.  Do yourself a favor and get all over this.  Ravishing skin on a dime, what more could you want?

Butter up!

ps Chantelle and I wandered from the registry and got the baby her first accessory, shoes of course, and a personalized onesie!

Jaclyn xo

{images courtesy of Palmers.com}

One thought on “Tummy Butter

  1. kate says:

    I have heard great things about this stuff. Glad you had such positive feedback re – must try!

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