Royalty vs Reality

The Royal wedding is over, so now what?  I feel dismantled, in fact so much so, that I am omitting Must Have Mondays for this week. It wouldn’t be proper if I didn’t make acknowledgment of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s big day. 

While the royal newlyweds get back into routine, the rest of us are still reeling from how utterly beautiful and spectacular the day was.  The duchess looked every inch a princess.  The dress, her make up,  the kiss, and unforgettably that over the shoulder peek she gave during her departure from the balcony –  simply perfect.  I wondered what went through her head as she sauntered onto the balcony and saw the scale of  the crowd watching her? 

On a more cutting note I think the world is still stunned by Princess Beatrice’s interestingly oversized headdress?  Talk about what not to wear, this contraption was straight out of the Star Trek saga.  hideous!  I like to think the thought process for an outfit to attend the Royal Wedding would conclude something better than that, but I guess when your 5th up to the thrown any attention is good attention? Very interesting.

It was just as interesting watching the guests go into Westminster Abbey, a bright sea of feathers, fascinators and giant hats. Posh and Becks were among my fav’s,  Prego Posh opting for one of her own “Victoria Beckham” designs and also wearing an exceptionally high shoe, She always goes for that extra half-inch! 

To top it all off the Duke and Duchess rolled out of Buckingham Palace in  Prince Charles’ Blue Aston Martin, the impromptu James Bond moment took us all for a spin making this fairy tale even more believable.

I’m a fan of all things royal; I like fairy tales and love a good story of true love so Friday’s wedding was a trifecta for me.  Wills and Kate got married and I got an 11am hangover with my birds!

Classic over the shoulder shot = Spot on Kate!

Meep Meep..

Posh & Becks = I’m feelin’ them

Take notice of those heels


Tra Ducks..

Jaclyn xo


2 thoughts on “Royalty vs Reality

  1. Anthroholoic 2 says:

    Fantastic conclusion as to how we all are mourning over the fact that the day came and went so quickly! Love the runners in your Friday post, fitting.


  2. Chantel says:

    Leave it to my sister to be obsessed with royalty! I love you. You missed your calling J

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