Must Have Mondays: Shoes of Prey

Cinderella had her little glass slipper, Manolo Blahnik had his stiletto and Tory Burch has her reva flats, now Jaclyn must have her Shoes of Prey.

Shoes of Prey is an Australian bespoke shoe company, in other words custom-made shoe company where you can design your own shoes.  I think this is brilliant.  Everyone has shoe fever, or likes shoe porn, and this design it yourself website allows you to make your very own shoe fantasy come true or gift some cinderella her perfect fit!

I’m talking to Mike about this tonight, my birthday is just around the corner and I would love for him to design me a shoe! I will keep you posted with his response, in the meantime here are a few designs I would love to slip my feet into!

Must have Mondays is brought to you in part by Shoes Of Prey….

Your feet are waiting…go design yourself a pair!

My Tailored Life xo

12 thoughts on “Must Have Mondays: Shoes of Prey

  1. Jodie says:

    Hey Jaclyn,

    Thank you so much for writing about Shoes of Prey and good luck for your birthday suggestion to Mike 🙂 My birthday is just around the corner too and I have a slew of shoes on my list (as always!)

    Jodie x (from Shoes of Prey)

  2. delany says:

    First time seeing this website, wow its amazing! Thank you for the lead, keep it up!


  3. Jessica S says:

    Fabulous…hope Mike comes through! I’m from Toronto as well, wish we had a local shoes of Prey…something we could walk into and make right there!

  4. Summer says:

    they look amazing! i really need good high heels!

  5. Alanna Jones says:

    Great work! you even had Jodie from SOP reply..nice! I found you on pop pressed, up and coming blog, love the ripe bananas and lemons post, super adorable


  6. modnar86 says:

    Where have I been? Such a great gift idea!! I would love to design my own shoe!! Great post!

  7. barella says:

    just found you on popped pressed! Love your blog – it’s perfectly delivered, simple and current.

    Barella S

  8. fashion99 says:

    Popped pressed and digg, pretty effective blog. Shoes of Pray also tweeted you, love local Toronto talent.

    Colten B

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