Butter and Ripe Lemons

Yellow.  It’s one color that can instantly put you in a great mood.  Beware, yellow isn’t for everyone,  if you can pull it off it is an unbelievble touch to your wardrobe, home decor and even make up.  Today I wore a cropped knit yellow sweater that I purchased on my latest trip to LA (its fabulous and simple), and every time I glanced in the mirror I thought I looked so fresh and bright.

My skin has olive undertones, this makes it easier for me to wear different shades of yellow.  If you’re wanting to try out a little butter or ripe lemons make sure to analyze your undertones.  Look at the veins on the inside of you wrist to determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. If they appear greenish, your skin is warm; if they appear bluish, your skin is cool. Another easy method for figuring out your skin tone is going by your natural hair color; if it’s blue-black, ash or golden blond, your skin is usually cool. If your hair is deep brown, red, or strawberry blond, your skin is usually warm.

This will also help.  If you are very pale, find  bright or dark yellow pieces; if your skin is dark it will look better with a lighter shade of yellow.  As well a secret to carrying out yellow is bronzer, just a light dust will incorporate your yellow outfit to your skin.

And when it comes to home decor, whatever tickles you yellow will do! It’s fun and makes a great statement piece.

Some Inspiration:

Go bananas my beauties!

My tailored Life xo



2 thoughts on “Butter and Ripe Lemons

  1. irene marrone says:

    I just learned something new!! Thank you

  2. delany says:

    Me too! cute title, captured my attention butter and ripe lemons:)

    Delany S

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