Colleague Love

Yesterday I gave you a little taste of my event filled weekend.  What I neglected to tell you is that I am suffering from a major cold and laryngitis (mike is in heaven, I can’t babble).  So no voice, body aches and chills are additional effects of the weekend.  I need to get over myself.  I was going to take a break from blogging as I’m not feeling up to doing anything, but its my outlet, my voice, the only way I can express anything!

I had such a fabulous weekend, regardless of the fact I knew my body was about to be occupied by some microorganism.  It was successful in all aspects, work, hotel, great fare, and last but defiantly most essential are the people I shared it with.  I have extraordinary co workers, and one in particular I have major colleague love for, Sara D.

Sara and I met 5 years ago at our corporate office, we sat in with each other for a few days of training and the rest is history.  We love our careers, we’re both passionate about fashion, have a fondness for shoes, make up, beauty products and have wonderful chats over prosecco and cheese.  We have colleague love.

This weekend was a classic chronicles of Sara and Jack, it went something like this:

  • Running around to finish last-minute event details
  • Lunch in Yorkville,
  • A quick run to Anthropologie, neither one of us bought anything?
  • Prosecco in Hotel room
  • ipod blasting with a JT and Robin Thick
  • Hotel dance party
  • Sharing the bathroom mirror for make up and hair
  • Heels on, out the doors looking stunning

Our moments together are always entertaining and refreshing, some border mischief!  Here are some past and present pictures of our shenanigans and style.

W Hotel Hollywood California

“Our” drink The Chillada

Rodeo Drive with our girl Dale

Second drink of choice Pomogrant margarita

LG Fashion Week Toronto

most girls got snapped on the red carpet, not us!


Before an award show @ Saras loft


You can see us regularly on Cityline, Steven and Chris and Marylin Denis – it’s all who you know!


My Tailored Life xo

5 thoughts on “Colleague Love

  1. We luuuuurve the W in Holywood, super glam! Just been to the new W in London – still hip, but no rooftop pool!


    • Me too!! W Hotels are in one word, HOT! They make you feel as fabulous as they look.

      Ever stayed at the Roosevelt in Hollywood, one of my fav’s – even though it might be on the “out” right now..still a classic to me

      J xo

  2. No, never stayed there . . . though I’m thinking of hitting LA for a visit later this year – so perhaps I might have to check it out . . .


  3. Sara says:

    Your one of kind Ms J. Your outlook on everything is inspiring and honest and I cherish you. If the love between man friends is called a bro-mance what is the love between women….chicadore!!! 🙂

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