Pretty in the City….

March and April are always big months for work.  For the beauty and fashion industry it is always a busy time of year, we have plenty of social events, award shows and launches to take us right into summer.  And I get to be apart of all the glory!

This weekend I am heading to Toronto for a mini break.  Well technically not much of a break.  I’m only 30 min from home and I will be networking my little ass off the entire weekend,  a mini break just sounds better, right?  Seriously, work event, award show, after party and another work event, this causes me outfit anxiety. Every year, I face the same dilemma: what do I wear for each event, and how much skin can I show without baring too much in front of my coworkers?  Trashy is not my concern. You see it’s this, I like my stems, I like to show them off and cover up on top entirely.  It’s a staple of mine. But is too much leg  inappropriate?

When I shop for event dresses and outfits, they need to be work-party appropriate and stylish. I also seek to buy things that can be reworked and  re-worn plenty more times either to the office or on dinner dates with my man. I’m annoyingly practical.  This is only a recent revelation!

These are my outfit, hair and style inspirations for this weekend:

I am borderline obsessed with Blake Lively, this gossip girl likes to show her gams too.

Happy weekend everyone, I’m going to channel my red carpet moment tonight!

My Tailored Life xo

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