Let your hair down

It’s the season to lighten up the tresses. Whether it’s dramatic or mellow dramatic a change for Spring/Summer is a great way to brighten up your look.  Caution: this does not mean bleaching, stripes or trying to a DIY to achieve blonde from black, its subtle enhancing or brightening. Make sense? Nope? Stay with me.

It’s very simple hair science really.

  • if your dark dark dont try to be blonde
  • if your blonde you go blonder and brighter
  • if your a redhead you go copper or strawberry
  • if your light brown you go a shade lighter
  • if your med brown you can brighten with very subtle tones

There are many ways to change your hair without really damaging it or looking like you are someone you’re not. I gag when I see deep brunettes try to highlight their entire head, it looks striped and orange, it’s just not in the pigment to do this sort of thing.  Unless of course you’re a star, and you need to change it for a role. One day my friends, one day!  In real life stay true to what looks best on you.

Many of you know your stylist well, and conversely, they should know you.  When it’s time to lighten up or change hair tone be sure you talk it out with your stylist, ask for a consult, as well take in pictures.  As I always say, take your vision and inspiration you gather from around you then make it work for you.

I will be attending a beauty event in Toronto this weekend, followed by an award show, and I need major SOS on my locks.  My hair hasn’t been colored in months.  I was enjoying the Whitney Port meets Jaclyn Perusich grown out look, but I’m over it.  I will be having my hair altered before Saturday by my fabulous Wella artist, still irresolute exactly of what I want.  I’m seeking inspiration,  and if anyone has any pictures or ideas send them my way!

My mini hair vision board:

The hair is the richest ornament of women.  ~Martin Luther

My Tailored Life xo


2 thoughts on “Let your hair down

  1. I been trying to change my hair color for the longest but choosing the color is a pain ;( nice post 😉

    • Thanks doll. I had a second to stalk your blog, which turned into a full hour and then me trying to thread a few strays…great video!

      looking forward to reading more:)


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