Just Dance

I woke up this morning with an abundant amount of energy. I love mornings like this, they emit productiveness. I got up, kissed my sweet man on the forehead, brewed some dark roast coffee, (as if I needed more voltage) turned on my ipod and jumped in the shower.

Time was on my side this am, so I threw on a Wella Brilliance hair treatment knowing it would make my hair look fabulous for my friday meeting. To gain full victory of the mask I had to let it sit for 2-3 minutes, I couldn’t stand still for that long? what could I do? Squats..I did squats in the shower.  Ambitious right.  I know!

When I got out I dried off and poured myself a cup of java, and then magic happened, I heard JLo’s new tune” Get on the Floor”. The rhythm really got to me,  I danced my morning away. I channeled Demi Moore avec Striptease, and shook my little booty while I applied my Laura Mercier 3 part beauty routine and blew my lush locks. It was magnificent.

The dance vibes carried out like Timberland and JT right into my commute to TO. I look better, I feel fantastic and this was all made possible by dancing. Now here’s where it becomes relevant to beauty -Dancing releases endorphins and produces oxygen rich blood helping reduce stress and tension. Beyond that it also gives your skin a beautiful glow and makes you feel better. It’s a pre botox fix! Like Lady Gaga said “just dance”!

Happy weekend everyone, I’m off to little mexico with my friends for the evening. On the agenda: social time, mexican fare. Diet smiet….I will be indulging in major margaritas.

Dance, Dance….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4H_Zoh7G5A


My Tailored Life xo

2 thoughts on “Just Dance

  1. Sher says:

    Wow me likey. Everyone needs to dance and Tszuj it up. Even a landscaper like me. Keep this positive mojo up girl, It is so refreshing.

  2. Rauha says:


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