I’m totally gripped on dressing my head right now, never mind the snug knits or military hats of the winter months,  I shed those weeks ago,  I’m talking headscarves, turbans and wide headbands.

Spring is virtually almost here..I can smell it. It smells like mud, plus I’m getting lots of use of my original Hunter Boots, this means style is springing forward!

Back to head dressing. I like my hair. I take somewhat good care of it,  but lately I find myself too busy.  Between the gym, my career, the renovations and blogging I simply don’t have the time to flat-iron or barrel curl it like I used to.  Which brings me to dressing my head.  The  idea of stepping up an outfit with accessories and head dresses makes me giddy. It’s a great way to budget, and explore different avenues of style without out actually blowing a pot hole in your handbag (you’re welcome, husbands, boyfriends, finances, parents).  Like, H&M, they have great accessories and Forever21, well that’s just a given, you can walk out of that place with a boat load of accessories for under 30 bucks.

Hand bands, scarves and turbans are great for a prompt current looks.  For those “I don’t want to wash my hair days” or if your just kickin it with your friends, hubby or kids…why not look fabulous?

here are some great inspirations:



Give it a try..post me your pics too!

My Tailored Life xo


5 thoughts on “Headdress

  1. Sara says:

    You are a bloody ‘genie’ ous…lol, no pun intended to the turban bound….ah there’s another one…ok I’ll stop.
    Great look, great perspective on the cultural garb hitting high fashion.

  2. kim says:

    im hooked! keep it up! loven it!!

  3. The turban is the perfect accessory for spring 2011 great post =)

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