Cocktail Shopping

This past weekend I was slightly owned by a red wine coma.  I attended LEMONBERRYS spring 2011 fashion show,  a local NY inspired fashion boutique in my area.  At the amazing venue, I might have slightly taken the lead of the comp red vino they were serving up.   My girlfriends and I sat front row,  drooled over the flawless models, pleasurable fashion and spring patterns while gullpeding sipping our Malbec.  It was ideal.

As the evening rolled out we sipped a little more, socialized and then got to take advantage of the featured collection at a discounted price!  Having red wine in my veins made the temptation to shop very fierce.  Most woman complain of overeating when they are in cocktail mode, caloric intake goes to unusual heights.  For me, I want to shop…. forget food.  I am in my glory if I can cocktail and shop in one place!

I recently did a mini photo shoot for Lemonberry that was featured in a local magazine, so advantageously for me (and my partner) I had a gift certificate to partake in a little cocktail shopping.

Here is what you get when you mix Malbec with shopping:

Covet French Terry Capri

shop for this here:


In Wear Military Button Down

shop for this here:

my fusion.


Here are some more pics from the show, enjoy your monday beauties….

Paula, Janet and I cocktailing and shopping

Paula and I discussing the pro’s and con’s of owning more than one floral blouse

A room full of cocktail shoppers

The fabulous venue and models

Cocktailing and shopping..try it. Love it.

My Tailored Life xo

One thought on “Cocktail Shopping

  1. Paula says:

    Love your blogging Jaclyn! Loved this night of shopping! Keep me posted if there are any future Lemonberry outings! Lol. I will continue to check you out to get some fashion advice from a pro!
    Good job

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