Mov’in on up

So recently my partner and I have moved, well actually, it’s a twofold move, and this is the move before the finale!  In a few months we will be living in our dream home that we have been renovating for the past year.  As for now I am living in clothing disarray, its madness.

As I mentioned in my past post, I have an abundance of clothes, shoes, handbags ect. they are my babies and I am feeling like a really bad Mom.  Here is the situation. I have my essentials in my temporary home, like jeans, cute jumpers, work attire and my workout clothes, I also have my top dresses in their garment bags hanging in my temp closet, but what about the others…where are they, are they in good hands – I’m not sure? This merits a bad mom, not knowing exactly where my babies are, scattered among houses of family and friends, tucked away in Rubbermaid’s.  Why some are with me and some are not, is neglectful, its favoritism. I am awful!

Here are some of my cardinal favs: (until my babes can all be together)

  • JEANS – JBrand skinnies, Gap trousers or sexy boot cut and American eagle straight leg
  • Tailored black blazer – perfect to through over anything, dress up or dress down
  • Flats – amazing for malls, shopping and transition weather
  • Printed scarf – great to throw on over a basic tee
  • Transitional trench – classic and always looks hot*
  • Statement Accessory – this item makes you smile just looking at it
  • White shirt – clean, crisp timeless
  • Nude shoe/evening shoe – both perfect for going out or looking lean and sexy
  • Basic tanks – great layering pieces

Soon the madness will disappear, and I will have all my clothes parked in one place…  In fact I will be blogging from inside my gorgeous closet, with all my babes beside me…I’m movin on up people, movin on up!


2 thoughts on “Mov’in on up

  1. crash1039 says:

    fantastic post! Ill be sure to check in, to see whats in your closet 🙂

  2. styletwodie says:

    cute idea! found you on bloglovin, not many followers – keep it up! Statement accessory is a must!


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