Skeletons in my closet…

I have secrets, I have major, best kept secrets that I need to share with the universe…I’m addicted to money, shopping and beauty products – I own a lot of shoes, I am platinum VIP at Sephora and my closet is the headquarters for very cute dresses. I am guilty of hiding bags, saying “this old thing” and buying two of the same thing because I like it in both colors.

Recently my addiction has served a good purpose, I have officially queened myself as a MBC (modern beauty consultant).  I’m not your ordinary beauty consultant at Shoppers or The Bay.  I didn’t go to school to be a cosmetician I’ve taken the experimental approach with everything,  my R and D has forced me to buy  heaps of clothes and try an array of beauty products.  I am fully certified to tell anyone what products work best , where to find amazing deals on fashion and what make up I am loving, it’s an art really.. I was clearly born with it!

I love, love, love my new  profession.

Not every secret has to be bad……right?

Dr. Jaclyn Perusich

One thought on “Skeletons in my closet…

  1. macey900 says:

    I love your MBC degree, thats great! look forward to more writting

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